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The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is Samsung’s most expensive non-folding phone, and the biggest advantage of this year’s Note is that it comes with a great camera. Get ready for exceptional close-ups with 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom. S Pen returns with new numbers, such as recording voice memos and synchronizing them with handwritten notes.

Release date: August 2020 | Weight: 208g | Dimensions: 164.8 x 77.2 x 8.1mm | Operating System: Android 10 | Screen size: 6.9 inches | Processor: Exynos 990 / Snapdragon 865 Plus | RAM: 12 GB | Storage: 128GB / 256 / 512GB | Battery: 4,500mAh | Rear camera: 108MP / 12MP + 12MP + 12MP | Front camera: 10MP

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra tools for you

Why it’s ranked 3rd: This is Samsung’s most powerful phone, but it’s more expensive than the S20 series. You get it all with the Note 20 Ultra: a stylus, a camera with 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom, a faster chipset (at least in the US version) and a 6.9-inch 120 Hz display. Not everyone needs a ‘everything phone’ like this, but if you want it all and don’t want to wait for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, this is samsung’s best.

Display: The 6.9-inch Note 20 Ultra display is massive, but only less than an inch smaller than last year’s 6.8-inch Note 10 Plus display. The big difference this year is the fluency of the display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. No, you can’t enable both WQHD+ resolution and 120Hz at the same time, but pixels look good at 1080p on a screen of this size and have to go back to 60Hz. It’s literally another small feature: the front-facing camera hole hole is smaller than ever.

Battery life: The Note 20 Ultra has a robust 4,500mAh battery and lasts more than a day without problems in normal use. Even experienced users will not have a problem according to our tests. Samsung includes a 25W fast wired charger in the box and offers compatibility with 15W fast wireless charging, but for some reason has given up supporting 45W wired charging.

Camera: The Note 20 Ultra has the best camera on an Android phone, and this is partly due to its 5x optical zoom and 50x digital zoom. Makes the 2x optical zoom on the iPhone look like a small crop around the edges of a 1x photo. Samsung comes into play with a dramatic zoom and usable photos on Instagram with 5x optical and 10x digital in good light (50x zoom is mostly a part number). We also found that this phone has the best ultra-wide camera and the normal 12 MP camera is sharp. You don’t need a 108MP camera and you should be careful to soften the skin in low light.


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