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The Finest Laser printers For 2020

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Today’s laser printers offer unparallelly speed, pristine text and reliable paper processing. If that’s what you need, find the best for your home or office with our shopping tips and list of highest scoring models based on our in-depth reviews.

The Best Easy Picks for Laser Printers

  1. Brother MFC-L3770CDW: The Brother MFC-L3770CDW is a fast entry-level color laser-grade multifunction printer that produces quality output for low-volume offices.
  2. Canon imageClass MF424dw: Canon’s imageClass MF424dw all-in-one (AIO) prints great-looking text and graphics at a highly respectable pace based on its price, and competitive running costs make it a huge value overall.
  3. HP LaserJet Pro M15w: The HP LaserJet Pro M15w is an excellent, inexpensive, and small black and white laser printer that is easy to store in a small office or dormitory.
  4. HP Neverstop Laser 1001nw: The first entry-level, cartridge-free black and white laser, the HP Neverstop 1001nw prints at a portion of the cost of its nearest competitors, making it a great choice to print up to a few thousand pages each month.

Laser printing has had a difficult time in recent years. The pace of innovations in this old printer technology (preventing fine-tuning of toner formulations) has slowed down. Plus, as with HP’s PageWide and Epson WorkForce series, low-cost high-speed office-type inkjet printers per page gnaw at laser printers’ lunch and now look at dinner.

By the by, laser printers stayed substantial, zeroing in on their conventional qualities: high print speeds and sensible expenses per page (particularly for text yield), the very perfect appearance of the completed item, and resistance to toner fading or staining. On the downside, lasers often have a significantly higher up front cost and are not as capable of regenerating fine gradients in complex color outputs as photographs as inkjet.

So, who finds a laser printer more attractive than an inkjet printer? In most cases, it’s not the occasional printer caller for mixed jobs: one to print a personal email at a time, the other to copy a color image from a book or to print photos. Lasers are more suitable for bulk text outputs: contracts, lengthy research articles, book drafts. If you print a lot of great jobs and stick to text and clean graphics instead of color photos, the laser printer is the right choice.

If high-quality, stable text printing is the most important, it is also good. In fact, certain types of businesses, such as medical offices, may enforce laser printing for archiving tasks and record keeping.

The Best Prime Day Laser Printer Deals This Week

What Kind of Laser Printers Do You Need?

You can separate lasers into four main types defined by two questions: (1) Can the printer make only a black and white laser or color? And (2) an all-in-one (AIO) model that can print, scan, and copy (and perhaps process faxes)? Laser models are available in all four combinations.

“Printer only” models are good and good; all of this relates to text-only or business document output, except for everything else. If all you need are stacks of relatively uncomplicational documents, it’s perfect for that. They are partitioned into two testing classes: modest units intended for homes or understudy use (normally monochrome) and bigger models intended for a home office, a little office or a workgroup (there are only monochrome and colorful varieties).

On the contrary, the laser is a more diverse animal in all-in-one (often abbreviated as “AIO”). You can find both monochrome and colored laser AIOs, but when you talk about a mono laser AIO, there is a natural functionality mismatch there. Monochrome laser AIOs unmistakably print just clearly, however they can check in shading and make monochrome duplicates of a wide range of source material, as a norm copier can do. In a sense, mono laser AIO combines cost-efficiency
a mono laser with the convenience factor brought by an AIO (a single color requires a black toner). Just know what you’re getting into before you buy one of these.

Color laser AIOs, meanwhile, bring much of the functionality of the inkjet AIO and combine it with clean text and stain-keeping color output where lasers are known. However, know that a color laser toner can often have an investment feagress that exceeds the cost of the printer. Since four cartridges (black, plus cyan, magenta and yellow toners) can be very valuable, it is important to consider whether you rarely use the color printing function.

Also, as a rule, know that almost all inkjet color photos will be of better quality than color photos printed with any color laser. Laser-printed color photos tend to look flat. The power of color laser output is text, business graphics, charts, and so on. Therefore, given the additional cost of the colored toner, it makes sense to buy only if you are sure that you need such color outputs.

In fact, don’t underestimate the power of a seemingly simple monochrome laser. A monochrome laser printer can provide speed, durability and paper processing to cope with the high print volume of a busy office. And cheap monochrome lasers with modest paper processing can serve as personal desktop printers in office of any size. Many color lasers available print photos suitable for many commercial uses, such as customer newsletters. For higher quality lasers, the overall output quality of text, graphics and photos is generally good enough for brochures and other marketing materials, and allows many companies to receive such prints on-site.

So, Which Laser Printers Should You Buy?

Laser printers have a lot to offer businesses of all sizes, from individuals to large companies, and it’s worth ingly assessing under the right conditions for home use. Below, take a look at the top 10 lasers we’ve tested, which cover a wide range of prices and capabilities. We update these selections frequently, but we also browse our printer category page for the latest reviews. For advice and review for more printer purchases, check out our overall best printer selections and the best inkjet printers.

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