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The Finest Smart Bath Scales for 2020

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Whether you’re training for a marathon or just wanting to lose a few pounds, effortlessly watch your weight, body fat, bone density, water ratio, pulse, and more with the best smart bath scales we’ve tested.

What is Smart Scale?

The bathroom is probably the first room you can think of when it comes to health and the last room you can think of when it comes to technology. But as health and well-being become increasingly interconnected, it makes sense for more and more smart home devices to appear in the bathroom, starting on a modest scale. Yes, some smart bath scales can tweet your weight (if you’ll excuse me, of course), but that’s not what makes them smart. The main reason for getting a smart balance is that it can give you a clear picture of your health and well-being without getting too much work done.

Our Top 9 picks

  • QardioBase 2 – QardioBase 2 adds some welcome improvements to one of the smartest bath scales on the market.
  • Wyze Scale – The $20 Wyze Scale offers unrivaled value with the ability to measure and track 12 measurements, Wyze Band integration, and a safe mode for pregnant women and people using pacemaker. Check out more from Wyze.
  • Arboleaf Smart Fitness Scale – The $79.99 Arboleaf Smart Fitness Scale monitors 14 measurements, helps you understand your measurements, and supports Wi-Fi for more comfort than Bluetooth-enabled scales only. Check out more from arboleaf.
  • Fitbit Aria 2 – Fitbit keeps everything smart with the updated Aria 2 bathroom scale. It’s not the most comprehensive, but you’re taking full advantage of Fitbit’s excellent platform.
  • FitTrack Dara BMI Smart Scale – FitTrack Dara intelligent scale tracks 17 measurements, including body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR), to help you track your health. More by FITTRACK.
  • Withings Body+ Scale – Withings Wi-Fi Body + Scale and complementary Web account add a lot of value to a daily health and fitness device, although expensive. And the display of scale is one of the best we’ve ever seen. More Serving by Withings.
  • Eufy BodySense Smart Scale – Eufy BodySense is a comprehensive, accurate, and stylish smart balance that delivers a ton of functionality for a low price. More by eufy.
  • Withings Body Cardio – Withings Body Cardio is a luxurious interpretation of the smart bathroom scale, with a stylish and robust design full of features.
  • Withings Body Smart Scale – Withings Body is an economical, attractive smart balance that sends basic information about your daily weighing to your phone over Wi-Fi.

Automatically follow statistics

Unsurprisingly, the best smart balances are compatible with the best fitness trackers. When you pair a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-connected balance with a fitness tracker, you usually only use one app to see data on both devices. Add a heart rate monitor or blood pressure cuff at home and get more collected and relevant information, no need to take spreadsheets and daily notes.

You may not want to monitor your weight over time, but your doctors and medical team will probably be. Or maybe it’s not you, but someone in your family who needs to take care of your weight. Smart balances are smart enough to know the difference between multiple different users and can track their weight separately and privately. Sharing data between family members and doctors is also often an option.

When you start using smart balances, your weight is automatically saved every time you press it. Many of the best bath scales also measure body fat, and some monitor bone density and water percentage. Some may even read your heart rate from your feet.

The Finest Smart Bathroom Scale Deals This Week

Smart bath scales for education

While many people want to monitor their weight and the number of steps they take per day to better understand their health, some people are a little more excited to weigh each morning. Athletes and regularly trainees will want a balance with not only great features but also a useful app and tools that can help them on their journey.

In our reviews, we note the fitness and health monitoring applications with which each of these scales works, and the applications that support applications that allow you to calculate the intensity of your exercise each day, trace your VO2Max, your lactic acid threshold, etc. But if all these VO2Max conversations turn your head, you’ll be much better off with a smart Wi-Fi scale with a simpler user experience.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi bath scales

Smart scales are either Bluetooth-enabled or Bluetooth-enabled. Wi-Fi scales are often more expensive because they need more components to work. They are also much more useful.

You need a Bluetooth device with you to remove your daily scales from a Bluetooth scale and place them in the app to watch them. If you leave your companion smartphone, activity bracelet or running time in the other room, you won’t stand a chance until you’re on Bluetooth coverage. (Some scales can save weight until the next sync, but not the cheapest.) There is no problem with a Wi-Fi-enabled scale. Syncs your data as long as it receives a signal from your Wi-Fi router. In our test experience, Wi-Fi sync is more reliable, while Bluetooth syncing fails from time to time.

Pregnancy mode

Women who are pregnant or at risk of being pregnant have special needs to track their weight. In addition, many pregnant women do not want impedance measures to be taken by light electrical impulses sent by the feet to predict body composition (things like body fat, bone density, and percentage of water). People with implanted health devices, such as a pacemaker, are often warned not to also use impedance scales.

Some scales that support impedance measures but are not all have the ability to disable them. QardioBase 2 has a complete pregnancy follow-up mode. When activated, the impedance is cut off, and instead of showing your weight in numbers, the scale flashes with a happy face every time you press on it. The accompanying Qardio mobile app helps new mothers slowly regain their pre-pregnancy weight.

Eligibility underfoot

If you’re looking for a new scale, we strongly recommend buying a smart scale. Being able to accurately and effortlessly track weight over long period of time has real value for individuals, families, and healthcare providers. Whatever your needs, you’ll be sure to find a scale that fits them in this list.

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