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The farewell tour of previous generation consoles may be bitters sweet, but it’s already been a great year with games that push the boundaries like Dreams and Ghost of Tsushima. These are the top video games released so far in 2020. (But if you’re still not happy with this game list, remember that when the time comes we’ll be blessed by the divine god SkateBIRD.)

Last year may not have been one of the best years in the gaming world, but hey, at least we got the Untitled Goose Game. The 2010s, however, took a step forward for the industry with titles such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Batman: Arkham series. Now, we’re in the middle of the first year of a new decade, and we’re also in a twilight year. The console market is changing rapidly. Soon the PS4 and Xbox One will be booted in the garbage heap and we’ll say goodbye to them as they meet a generation of super-powerful machines. Xbox Series X brings heavy-service technology that rivals the courage of even the most powerful PC towers, and the PS5 looks equally challenging.

But don’t worry, old consoles are having a big bang in terms of new games. This year is full of titles covering all viewers, from many action RPGs and first-person shooter games to some wildly narrative-driven games and equally artistic and crazy independent projects. A new Animal Crossing (!!) and sequel to The Last of Us proved you can always count on impressive triple-A outings. The same always applies to the innovative indie community with a gem like Moving Out that blesses our consoles.

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The Last of Us Part II – PlayStation 4

His chances of following One of the most beloved games of the last decade, The Last of Us, were almost impossible. Not to mention, it’s as satisfying a journey from start to finish as fans are all sure a sequel will ruin everything. Apparently, all these delays were worth it: The Last of Us Part II, at least on the same level as the legend she watched, continues Ellie’s story with the unforgettable heart and heartbreak we rarely see in video games.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake – PlayStation 4

We returned to Midgar at the end of this year and it was great. Of course, there should have been critical of any game surrounded by so much excitement, but the restructuring is an ingenious re-vision of the title that redefines what an RPG can be. Final Fantasy VII Remake offered an engaging action RPG style that combines both the party balancing system from traditional RPGs with smoother, flashy combat and reverses the rotated-based system. FF7 does not replace the original in any way. Instead, it does something even better: It creates something that really feels like a new experience.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch

What’s left to say about New Horizons? So far, you’ve settled into your life forever with your creature peasants, who you’ve spent absolutely months cycling to share an island with your favorites. So, take an orange juice, sit next to Henry the frog by the lake you just cleaned, and relax. Beautiful. Best game? yes, it’s the best game.

Ghost of Tsushima – PlayStation 4

Easily a contender for Game of the Year (at least until fall guys came out in a few weeks), Ghost of Tsushima wasn’t as good as it should have been before its launch on my radar (it’s my fault) and now that’s all I can play. A stunning and non-exhausting open-world adventure full of respect for classic samurai cinema, a mix of highly thoughtful fighting, spectacular views and in-depth story. The game is the perfect send-off for the PS4 and really shows what this generation has become in the end by bringing technology to its absolute limit.

Streets of Rage 4 – PlayStation 4

That’s how legend comes back. Streets of Rage 4 is an honor for the classic beat ’em up and the perfect expansion for a half-forgotten genre. I’ve played about five times so far and it still doesn’t get old. The fight is stylish and addictive and the art style falls spectacularly – everything a Sega fan can hope for. We’ve seen many old games re-launched, especially by killer independent studio DotEmu (wonder boy, windjammers, and more). Streets of Rage 4 is a great game that continues in the spirit of the originals, setting a precedent for the revival of more forgotten retro games in the future.

Moving Out for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch

Team 17 is back in action with a frantic, anger-inside arm thank-based collaboration. The people who brought us Overcooked entered the domestic market with a game about working with a team to rotate, angle, and position furniture. It’s an explosion. The concept may be simple, but you can be sure it will make you feel all kinds of anger during execution. Couch co-op itself is often a forgotten form in games, but it is my personal favorite. There’s nothing like having a few drinks and trying to coordinate with some friends.

DOOM Eternal: Standard Edition – PC

Speaking of “do it, don’t think about it,” Doom Eternal is on the other side. Literally cut demons, cut them, make chainsaws and kill glory on your way to hell. This game is fast-paced, flashy, and everything that causes narcotics moms on ’90s TELEVISION to say, “Video games are going to rot your brain.” And it’s great for that. Doom Eternal feels like we hoped to have a modern TimeSplitters, but it’s very stylish. It’s amazing how far Doom has gone as a series since 1993. Folks, there’s not much to say here: killing demons has never felt better.

Dreams – PlayStation 4

Oh, dreams. Why did you do that? In case you haven’t heard, Dreams offers its players almost unprecedented tools to create their own video games, and other users can try it after they’re done. Yes. So line up Dreams and you’ll find … “Wario’s going to McDonald’s.” Isn’t that your jam? In fact, we’ve seen some really amazing video games in Dreams (see Seinfeld Chronicles). But really, most people are there for the mems. Aren’t we all?

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