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The New Gmail Update Helps You TO Save Your Smartphone Battery

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The Gmail Go app has now been pulled from the Play Store for all devices except those running Android Go (Best Android Go smartphones here), and users now face the message ” Your device isn’t compatible with this version.” Using Gmail on your phone will be much gentler in terms of battery life and performance thanks to google’s new launch.

The company quietly launched Gmail Go, a low-scale version of its popular email service, for all Android users to download from the Play Store.

The new, “lighter” version of Gmail should reduce the demands of the full app’s CPU and battery life by offering a more user-friendly experience for those with older or less powerful smartphones.

Short Review About Gmail Go

Google has hidden the broadcast under the radar, so it’s hard to determine exactly what makes Gmail Go different from its older brother at first. The ad in the Play Store describes the new service as “Gmail that you love, now lighter and at the same speed.”

For many of its services, such as Google, Maps Go, Gallery Go, and Google Go, it has a number of “Go” branded apps, among others, that are limited only to certain devices, such as Assistant Go and YouTube Go.

The most obvious difference for Gmail Go is its logo, which contains the word under the famous white and red envelope icon. The app still offers 15GB of free storage, multiple account support between Gmail and non-Gmail addresses, and smart spam filters, so many of the key differences can be hidden in the background.

In addition to some slight latency and darker text tones, as detected by 9to5Google, the main noticeable difference is that there is no bottom bar in the app, meaning the company’s Google Meet video conferencing service is not included.

The news came shortly after Google announced a major overhaul of G Suite, which has been re-branded as Google Workspace.

The new package includes all of the company’s core services – Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Meet, etc. – but according to Google, it offers a more “deeply integrated user experience” with improved interoperability of its diverse products, services that blur the lines between each product for a more fluid feel.

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