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The Revolutionary Device – DNA Digital Data Storage Machine

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We recently captured David Turek, CTO of Catalog, a leading company in DNA digital data storage. The application is seen by many as the next frontier for saving (and re-reading) bits and bytes in exascale, beyond the memristor and other exotic data recording methods.

About the DNA Digital Data Storage Machine

The honor of Claude Shannon, known as the “father of information theory,” is called Shannon. Shannon is a relatively early stage prototype that is still used to explore storage and computational problems associated with the ability to encode data in DNA. It’s not ready for commercial sale yet. “

Shannon’s a writer. It can at present expound on information at around 10 Mb/s, however we’ve found approaches to improve the plan to arrive at gigabit speeds every second. Rereading data is carried out with the types of machines used for DNA sequence. In our case, we use machines from Oxford Nanopore Technologies. “

How DNA Digital Data Storage Machine Works

“In the conventional estimation, the information is spoken to as a table of 1 and 0. A compressed version of the data is also represented by a series of 1 and 0 and can be coded in DNA. Therefore, Shannon can use any traditional data compression scheme. Any standard digital compression algorithm of this type used in digital representation can be applied in our coding scheme. “

“Nonetheless, we can additionally lessen the measure of information put away in DNA by encoding information to decrease the number of atoms used to speak to the information. In a sense, we compress data in both a traditional and new way. At the same time; we perform a traditional compression on input data in a standard way, then take this compressed representation and compress it into the DNA coding scheme by reducing the number of molecules previously used to represent compressed digital input data. [as is] With Shannon, we can create 186GB of compressed data. “

The future of Shannon

“Capacity increase can be achieved in several ways. For example, we can adjust the chemistry inside Shannon, accelerate Shannon’s mechanical aspects (for example, move the woven machine faster inside) and adjust the pressure head configuration.”

“We expect these to be only a portion of the instruments we can set up on Shannon to build productivity and limit. Mass production problems will be solved based on what our first customers taught us about their use case. In general, we hope that the implementation of higher automation degrees will be the key to the massive acceptance of the solution. “

“Shannon’s scaling down will be a side-effect of inner advancement in science and designing and will have an away from how clients will need to utilize the gadget. It is too early to speculate on the shape factor of the device.”

Cost of DNA Digital Data Storage Machine

“The sale price of the final version will be the determinant of the expected cost decreases in design improvement and will be affected by market demand. This will become clearer next year.”

“The environment will be either DNA in a solution or dried up like a very small pebble. Either way, the amount of data you type will probably be on a skin smaller than a single test tube. it is not equivalent to protecting against writing in traditional media; data is preserved by creating copies of encoded DNA at virtually no cost. “

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