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Tile Pro (2020) Review – How TO Use Tile Pro

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There’s no debate about what’s the best key finder these days. The new Tile Pro (official website) stands on the crown, continuing to develop its core features. If you bought a Tile Pro last year, you might want to keep that model as long as you can’t really take advantage of the extended range. But for everyone else, the newest Tile Pro is the key finder to buy. If you want the best key finder with the longest range, the best feature set, and a clear audible alarm. Below you can save Up to 30% off Tile Pro Trackers.

It has proven itself to be the jewel of Tile’s key finders in recent years. And I’m pleased to discover that the latest release, released as part of Tile’s annual update cycle, continues that tradition. This is the device you’ll get if you want the best key tracker, especially with improvements to the current model.

You can find cheaper viewers for your valuables, including the $25 Tile Mate. However, the $35 isn’t considerably more costly, and its boss alert and wide reach make it worth an extra $10.In general, Tile-Pro is our best choice for key finders.

Design and features

If you’ve seen the previous version of the key tacker, you’re familiar with this year’s model. The device looks a little different, with a smoother design that Tile says is more stylized, but to be honest, I miss the textured look of its predecessor. Otherwise, the size of 1.65 x 1.65 x 0.26 inches is essentially the same as last year’s version.

Tile Pro works exactly the same way as before: Press the Tile logo in the middle of the viewer and a melody will play on your phone if you have trouble following your handset. However, when you start the Tile app (Android, iOS) and tap a button to sound an alarm in the key finder (too loud), the real value comes. If your keys or other valuables are within range – and Tile-Pro has the longest range among any Tile- product – you can track them.

Tile introduced a replaceable battery to the previous version, and this is a very nice feature coming back this year. Now, when you run out of power, you don’t need to change your Tile; you will replace another CR2032 battery. Unlike the Tile Mate, which has become more difficult to open, it’s still easy to replace the battery of the Tile-Pro, which you only need to do once a year.

Tile Pro: How does it perform?

The Tile-Pro may look pretty much the same as last year’s model, but a welcome change in viewer is improved range. The latest key finder can stay connected to your phone at distances of up to 400 feet, and when you need to find your keys, Tile-pro’s alarm rings as loudly as ever. While my hearing isn’t the best, I can sound the alarm from other rooms after burying the Tile-Pro under a pile of laundry.

I can’t tell if you can reach the outer limits of the Tile Pro’s extended range – I was able to walk up to 200 feet away from the device in a public park, and the key finder remained attached to my iPhone. But that’s as far away as I can leave my keys alone, even in the name of science. Suffer to say, Tile Pro should provide the range you need to stick to your valuables unless you read this review from some kind of spacious palace.

In addition to basic tracking functions, Tile Pro also adds extra features through an optional Tile Premium service. For $3 per month or $30 per year, Tile Premium tracks your location history, replaces your battery for free, and allows you to share your Tile Pro with an unlimited number of friends and family. A smart alert feature will send you a notification if you leave your home without the device (and any valuables you add to it), but in my tests, notifications don’t work very well long after you leave. This contrasts sharply with Chipolo One, which sends out-of-range alerts much more reliably and includes this feature as part of the $25 price.

Some users can enjoy the extra features offered by a Tile Premium subscription, but you don’t really need the best features on your Tile Pro, especially with enhanced range and alarm.

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