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Top 10 Men’s Fashion Trends For 2020

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As men’s Fashion Weeks come to an end, trends are only beginning to surface on the streets. From patchwork prints to oversized suits, there are countless new styles that appeal to everyone’s tastes. Whether you need a wardrobe update or just looking for some summer style inspiration.

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  • Cross-Body Bags: Keep your things safe and secure with a super stylish cross-strap bag. Whether it’s messenger style or something small and clean, these are a great way to protect your stuff and do it in a trendy way. If the strap is too long for your liking, tie a small knot and add a unique addition to your collection. It’s a great way to revitalize an outfit and a practical way to do it.
  • Cuban Collar Shirts: Feel the summer breeze in a stylish Cuban-collared shirt. A distinctive neckline and short sleeves are an easy way to revive an outfit and make a real statement. You can choose to wear them with a dark print or keep them flat in a solid color. These shirts look very cool in bright shades like yellow, blue, or green. Complete the look with sunglasses and sunglasses and wear the summer sun in style.
  • Flares: The ’70s came back big with these flares. With a thin upper leg and an exaggerated ankle, these trousers will have an impact wherever you go. Pair the trousers with a tight shirt or turtleneck to accentuate the ringing bottom, or let them flow with an oversized hoodie and T-shirt for a more comfortable feel. No, how you format them, you’ll have the look of super-long and very stylish needles.
  • Over the Knee Shorts: Get the highest level of comfort with a pair of over-the-knee shorts. These are a great way to keep yourself mostly closed but cool in the summer heat. Whether you rock these bottoms with a bold pattern or keep them warm in a bright color, you can’t go wrong with these pieces of expression. Complete this look with an open shirt and new strokes.
  • Oversized Blazers: Take it back to the ’80s in an oversized blazer. Make a twist by taking a few sizes of large and responsible, basic suit jacket. Whether it’s a striped or monochrome thing, this is a great way to add a retro feel to a modern outfit without looking too formal. Choose a slightly larger fit than normal harmony or go out with something gigantic. Pair it with a simple T-shirt or a stylish button-down and jeans, and you’ll walk down every street in style.
  • Patchwork Prints: Raise your voice and be proud – patchwork prints are back. From Versace-Esque designs to plaid, this looks great for everyone. Wear a white T-shirt to highlight the whole outfit and a shirt in different styles with cuts and contrasting colors. Stand out even more with unusual trousers or protect the best half of the hero by pairing them with dark trousers for a classic feel. It’s an easy way to add a modern touch to traditional clothes, so why not try it?
  • Relaxed Suiting: All tailoring doesn’t have to be tight, so why don’t you loosen up in some casual clothes? Wearing a formal outfit in a relaxed environment has never looked better. Pair the suit with sneakers and a white T-shirt for a comfortable feel and keep the blazer’s buttons up.
  • Shield Sunglasses: Protect your eyes from the sun in the coldest possible way with these protective sunglasses. Not only are they a new alternative to traditional glasses, but they also appear to have been removed from Blade Runner. Futuristic and stylish, these are the best accessories of the season.
  • High Waisted Trousers: Take it back to the ’40s in high-heer pants. It’s a flattering style that returns to fashion every few years because of its versatility. Channel your inside Marlon Brando by pairing it with an embedded T-shirt, or make a modern touch by waving traditional trousers in an open shirt. From navy to cream, this is a great bottom half to wear all year long.
  • Two-Strap Slides: Make the world your track with these two-strap sleds. Unlike traditional shoes, these shoes offer double support and look extra cool when walking down the street. Choose from branded shoes or something unpretentious and pair them with jeans, suit pants, or a pair of wide trousers. You can’t really go wrong in the circumstances of this summer, and once you put them on, you’ll rule the world one step at a time.

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