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Top Social Media Sites 2020

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Most Popular social media sites. The world’s popular social medial sites definitely changed over the years, and they undoubtedly continue to change as time progresses.

Old social networks will die, popular ones forced to evolve, and new ones will emerge over time. From the days of MySpace, we have now passed into a social media age dominate by Facebook and all other social mobile applications.

Most kids report that they use Snapchat the most. So what is everyone using right now? Which social networking sites are the most popular and most users as of 2020?


Most of us already know that Facebook is the best social network on the web. It is a social networking site with about 2 billion monthly active users and publish daily (according to Facebook itself).

It’s a statistical data that Facebook Messenger is the most popular messaging app behind WhatsApp. After failing to get Snapchat in 2013, Facebook buy WhatsApp in 2014 so it could be the best instant messaging.


Twitter the public micro blogging network where news is share for the first time. Most users share posts with a text message limit (now 280 characters). Twitter has changed dramatically over the years.

It has provided Twitter Card integration that allows you to easily share all kinds of multimedia content in tweets.


Maybe the best informal community for readers and essayists.

It’s something like a blogging platform similar to medium but with little to no view to highlight the content shared there. Users can post their own stories and format them however they want, using photos, videos, and GIFs to support their stories. All content is follow by communities of users who suggest stories they like. This is show in the posts of the users who follow them. Users can also follow individual tags to subscribe to content focused on interests.


LinkedIn is a social network for professionals. Anyone who needs to connect to advance their career should be on LinkedIn.

Profiles are design to resemble highly detailed CVs such as sections for work experience, education, volunteering, certificates, awards and any other relevant job-related information. Users can promote themselves and their work by connecting with other professionals, interacting in group discussions, posting job postings, applying for jobs, posting LinkedIn pulse, and much more.


Where does anyone go to watch or share video content online? YouTube is the second largest search engine.

YouTube has everything from music videos and movies to personal vlogs and indie movies. it also released a premium subscription option called YouTube Red where all ads have removed from videos. It likewise now offers YouTubeTV, a different live streaming membership service.


Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks for photo sharing the mobile web has seen.

It is the ultimate social network for sharing real-time photos and short videos on the go. It is now a leading advertising platform for brands. The app has been available on the iOS platform for quite some time initially as it grew in popularity, but has since spread to Android and Windows phones as well as the web. Instagram acquired by Facebook for $ 1 billion in 2012.


Pinterest has become a major player in both social networks and the search world, proving how important visual content is on the web.

 As the fastest standalone site to reach 10 million monthly unique visits, Pinterest’s beautiful and intuitive pinboard-style platform is one of the most attractive and useful resources for collecting high-quality images that can be listed into separate boards. Pinterest is also starting to become a huge factor in social shopping.


Tumblr is an extremely popular social blogging platform heavily use by teenagers and young adults.

 Like Tumblr, it is best for sharing visual content. Users can customize their own blog theme, create blog posts in different types of content formats, follow and follow other users to see content on the dashboard. Rewriting and liking messages is a popular way to interact.


Snapchat is a fully mobile-base social networking app that gets excited about instant messaging.

One of the fastest growing apps out there builds its popularity on the idea of ​​self-destruct. You can send a message (quick) to a photo or short video that automatically disappears a few seconds after viewing it to a friend. Snapchat also has a unique feature called Stories that allows users to share publicly whenever they want.


Reddit never had the prettiest design. But don’t fooled by this.

 It has a very strong and intelligent community that comes together to talk about topics they love while sharing links, photos, and videos about the sub site topic they join.


Flickr is the popular photo sharing network that is very close to the social photo sharing game that existed long before other popular rival networks like Pinterest and Instagram.

It’s still one of the best places to upload photos, create albums, and show off your photography skills to your friends. Yahoo has worked hard to regularly update its mobile apps with loads of great features and functions, making it easy and enjoyable to use from a mobile device. Users can upload 1,000 GB of photos to Flickr for free and use the powerful application as they wish.


WhatsApp, currently the most popular instant messaging provider worldwide, is a cross-platform application that uses your internet connection or data plan to send and receive messages.

Users can send messages to individuals or groups using text, photos, videos, and even voice messages. Unlike Kik and other messaging apps, WhatsApp uses your phone number. Instead of your username or pins (although it’s an alternative to SMS). Users can allow the WhatsApp app to connect to their phone’s address book. So, your contacts imported seamlessly into the app. The app also offers a few customizable features like profiles, wallpapers and notification sounds.


The aim of everything mentioned above is that all of you can tell about your expertise in these platforms. As I am a blogger and I absolutely love these platforms for the purpose of doing different things. I share my content on these social sites. And with the help of these, I get help in traffic increases.

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