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It is very important to take care of your documents in this modern age. Our ideas are also becoming more modern than in modern times. Many people want to protect their document as well as their family. Because of the modern age, many people need to use something that will help them as soon as possible without wasting their precious time. Sending a document to a person in a more secure way is possible only PDF software.  PDF software provides an efficient way of sending documents from one place to another more securely. The main feature is to convert Html to pdf is very important because it is a secure method of sharing HTML with your customers or other peoples. And here is the basic guide to understanding HTML tags

So today in this post we will talk about two pro PDF software that is at the top after Adobe Acrobat Reader. Their features are similar to Adobe Reader. When it comes to their core features, they do everything from editing to creating things that are very useful to your organization. 


Able2Extract Professional is a new version of the popular PDF converter. Converting PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint (PPT), HTML, Text and other formats is possible. A number of innovations are offered to the attention of users that make it possible to work with the program even more productively. Adobe Acrobat Pro & Able2Extract Pro 15 are the same in features for managing your PDF files, 

The new conversion mode allows you to convert a PDF document to a PowerPoint presentation slide with one click of a button. The program will automatically place the wrapped text in special blocks, and also converts the vector graphics used in the PDF file into a bitmap. Improvements have also been made to the PDF to HTML mechanism. Support for cascading style sheets will help keep text, graphics, and formatting from the original document intact. 

Also Available in Mac & Linux version.

 Main Features

  • PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Images & more.
  • Convert, Create & OCR
  • Edit & Review
  • Fill & Create Forms
  • Sign & Secure
  • Official Online help to customers.

Avanquest eXpert PDF


Avanquest eXpert PDF Ultimate is a professional program for working with PDF documents. With it, you can view, edit and convert PDF files. Expert PDF Ultimate is easy to use, efficient, fast, and has many useful features. It provides different versions according to your needs.

  • Expert PDF Converter
  • Expert PDF Home
  • Expert PDF Professional
  • Expert PDF Ultimate

Create, modify and protect your pdf files in just a click. Signing up for your documents is now easier with this Avanquest eXpert PDF Ultimate.

Also Available in the MAC version. Go to Mac version

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