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VANKYO StayTrue Projector Screen review

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VANKYO StayTrue projector screen, 120-inch 4K HD projection screen, 16: 9, foldable film screen without folds for home theater (1.1 GAIN, 160 imaging cone), support for front and rear projection

Brief review of the VANKYO StayTrue projector display

THEATRE IMAGE – Enjoy your home theater experience outdoors with the VANKYO StayTrue projection curtain. The gain is in 1.1, 16:9 format, avoids hot spots and offers exceptional image production. Each screen is made of polyester, which can be cleaned with mild soap and water.

SURFACE WITHOUT CREASE – The smooth polyester surface has an excellent high-definition video image. With an exceptional 160-degree vision cone, a clear image is observed without color change, regardless of the position in the room.

INSTALLATION WITHOUT COUTURE – You can use a projector screen without frames and without metal holes, nails, hooks, ropes or double-sided duct tape to hang. It can be easily secured to the wall or removed with double-sided duct tape and hooks. (Includes a 2 x 5 m rope, 16 x self-stick hook).

BLOCKBUSTER ON THE MOVE – Get in the mood and get in the mood in seconds for an exceptional visual experience. Support for front and rear projection. In addition to watching your favorite blockbusters or sports games, you can also throw a party. Let the party begin!

LARGES APPLICATIONS – The VANKYO StayTrue Projection Curtain is the ideal decision for home motion pictures, study hall preparing, gathering room introductions, public showcase, and so on, and is appropriate for indoor and open-air screenings with family and friends; this will bring you a lot of fun and comfort.

VANKYO StayTrue projector screen features

Provides clear visibility for everyone in the room.
Would you like to spend a movie night at home? VANKYO 120’s StayTrue projector screen “builds a tension structure on the extended black side that surrounds the screen surface to make it smoother, and the black side is flat without sagging, the rectangular effect is pleat-free, undistorted, perfect with foldless fabric. Make it easy to create your own home theater system. With home theater projection screens, you can get impressive clarity and impact.

Bright colors with a large picture
THE STAYTrue projector screen from VANKYO 120 “distributes projected light evenly and you get the perfect visual taste of the best images and rendered colors.

Fabric without creases
Easy to assemble with hooks or ropes and rectangular shape but without folds. It also supports hand washing (no machine washing) and ironing at low temperatures.

Movies on the move
It’s as small as it is foldable and takes up space, easy to take with you anywhere. Easy to transport and install to travel.

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