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Visual subject is very important for every article on our websites and blog pages. The attached photo has many criteria and details such as being original, reflecting the subject content, and being royalty-free. Especially, the fact that the added photos are made by downloading from the internet, and that they are copyrighted, are the main issues that cause the site owner to suffer. I will share the completely free stock photo sites that you can use on your sites and blog pages.


Undoubtedly ranked number one in the ranking of the sites preferred by people who are engaged in internet affairs, pixabay contains hundreds of thousands of images. All of these images, which can be downloaded in different sizes, are available on the site for free.


If there are two names that come to mind when it comes to free stock photos, one is pexels. There is an event like a leader ranking on the site, which contains free and high-quality photos that can be used within commercial projects and allows you to download these photos in various sizes, which triggers a competitive environment. Not surprisingly, very high quality and quite original thousands of stock photo loading.


The Unsplash site, which stands out with its free shares for the first time, which determines the trends in stock photography and is on the agenda, is among the sites to be recommended. It is more enjoyable to search for photos that can be downloaded in various sizes, such as the first two sites, in categories. In addition, the editor’s suggestions section on the main page is a nice gallery with quite free quality photos.

4) visualhunter

If we mixed the Pixabay and Pexels sites and created a site, this would definitely be a visualhunt. On this site, which consists of completely free stock photos, you will find quality photos again. The option to search by colors has been a very innovative approach. The best part is that you can reach the result quickly by presenting the best images in the keyword you are looking for first.


Often appealing to female bloggers, stocksnap mostly hosts free stock photos based on a desk, computer, coffee, notebook. Called may find its place among the 5.sıra options. By using these sites, you can get the images you need for free and without any copyright problems and use them on your sites.

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