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Digitalization; From education to health, from trade to entertainment, he takes the ropes and takes over the world. The advertising industry is no exception in this regard. While traditional advertising models such as television, radio, magazine, and newspaper lose their influence, digital advertising is increasing day by day and strengthening its position. it is also an indicator to reach almost 3 billion digital advertising grew 19% in 2019 to invest in Turkey. This amount accounts for about 33% of total advertising and media investments.

Undoubtedly, Google is behind the rapid rise of digital advertising. Having taken the internet sector by not giving any chance to search engines like Yandex and Bing, Google gets the biggest slice of the cake in digital advertising thanks to Google Ads.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the world’s largest network online advertising service, working with Google Adwords ( CPC ) system. In other words, it is a digital marketing platform.
It allows your ads to appear on Google’s search engine results page, Maps, YouTube, apps, Gmail inbox, and Google’s partner websites.

Almost all of the revenues are Ads. Providing 93% of Google’s total revenue, Google Ads offers the opportunity to plan a campaign for every budget thanks to its minimum spending requirement. Lack of a specific contract period helps you stop your ads whenever you want.

What can Google Ads Ads bring to your business?

  • You can increase brand awareness.
  • You can determine your target audience.
  • You can get more traffic to your website.
  • You can get more customers to visit your store.
  • You can increase your sales.
  • You can easily determine in which time period your campaign will be shown.

So why Google Ads Ads?

If you want to leave traditional advertising models aside and turn to digital advertising, Ads ads offer you many advantages:

Google allows you to reach huge audiences. With more than 5 billion search queries per day, Google helps you make your voice heard by users trying to reach your solutions.
You can make effective targeting. Google Ads makes it easy to offer your products and services to the right people. Let’s explain this with an example:

Let’s say you have a store that sells sports shoes. Choosing Instagram to advertise brings you more customers or Google search ads?

If you choose Instagram, you will show an advertisement to someone who wants to spend a pleasant time on social media . Does this person have any idea of ​​buying sneakers? So, what do you think about showing your ads to someone searching for the words “sneakers”? When you choose the right keywords, you reach people who want to buy the product you offer. Thus, you have the opportunity to increase your sales.
With Google Ads, you can also choose where, in what language, and how old are your ads to show. You can also choose which days and times your ads will run, how often.

  • Advertising campaigns are easy to manage. While using other ad platforms takes a lot of effort, Google Ads is very user-friendly and makes your job much easier. It shows you step by step what to do and how to make your learning process less tiring. You can also save time and create more qualified campaigns with tools such as Keyword Planner, Access Planner, Google Ads Editor, or My Client Center.
  • You can get good results in a short time. In order to reach your target audience without advertising to Google, it is imperative that you rank high in organic searches. To achieve this, you need to do search engine optimization (SEO) or get service support from an SEO Expert, but you may have to deal with months, perhaps years, to get to the top. When it comes to Ads ads, you can immediately be in the first place thanks to your ad rank determined by cost per click (CPC) and quality score.
  • Provides measurability. When you use traditional advertising methods such as television or magazine, you do not know how close these methods bring you to your purpose. Google ads provide you with the data you need because it works with the CPC system. It helps you see what works with various metrics. When someone clicks on the ad, you can keep track of how long you have left on your website, whether you have added products to your cart, or downloaded it if you directed it to your app. In this way, you can see how much ROI you have in your campaign.
  • You can customize the budget you will allocate for the advertising campaign. Google Ads does not set you a limit when setting your advertising budget. In this way, you determine how much you want to pay daily and monthly for which campaign.

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