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What do the orange and green dots mean on your iPhone in iOS 14?

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iOS 14 is here, and with it, Apple brings a lot of upgrades to your device. Widgets have a new app drawer and even the ability to finally change your default browser or email client.

However, one of the simpler features relates to the small orange and green dots that may appear on top of your device’s screen; The latter probably leads to a bit of confusion when it appears when unlocking your phone.

Here’s what every point means and why they matter.

What does the orange dot mean?

Orange Dot is a new way to inform the user that their microphone is in use and that it is recording what’s going on.

This, if you see the point, you may be dictating something or using Siri (What is Siri?). If you’re not doing something that requires the microphone to be turned on, it might be that a hidden app is recording in the background without your permission.

This means that through the screening process, you can determine which application is available and close it. And if there is an agreement for you, you can potentially remove it.

What does the green dot mean?

The Green Dot is incredibly similar, but it’s use to determine when your camera is using, so you’ll see why when unlocking your phone with Face ID.

You’ll also see it when using video calling apps like FaceTime or WhatsApp and taking a selfie.

If your rear camera is in use, the dot will still appear; this means that you can monitor the use of the camera both front and rear; this means that no app can see what you’re watching and seeing.

Again, if you see the point without waiting, it’s worth reviewing your open practices to find the culprit.

Apple has always care about confidentiality, and if you’re wondering which apps allow you to use your microphone or camera, there’s a handy way to find out before installing them.

Each app in the App Store must now present its privacy policy as part of the list on the platform or as an external link (as of iOS 14). If you’re worry about what an app means to your privacy. Go to the “Privacy Policy” section to make sure everything is right for your liking before you click on the installation.

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