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Google my business is a free Google service that allows local businesses to create their own profiles and websites, for the purpose of extending your business and engaging your customers. While also being featured on the Google search engine and maps. In this way, you can ensure that your potential customers find you and reach large audiences. The main benefit of Google My Business is to give an opportunity to your related customers to reach your business in an easy way. Google My Business engages your customers through SEO. 

How do I register my business?

You can click the link here to register Google my business. Follow the trajectories by clicking the “manage now” button in the upper right corner of the page that appears.


You need a gmail account to register my business. If not, click here to create a new one.


After logging in, you need to request verification by entering all the information about your business. After your verification request, Google sends you the code in an envelope, which gives you the power to change all the information on my business. The verification process can take 2-3 weeks.

What exactly does Google my Business do?

The main purpose of the Google My Business tool is that it allows you to create a free business profile and allow people to discover your services or products.

It allows people to get detailed information about your business that will be very helpful for engaging your customers. For example, it allows them to see what days or times of the week you are offering a service. It allows you to extend your business opportunities. Every businessman is trying to extend business opportunities. 


In addition, it allows you to inform your customers better with profiles supported with service or product details, photos, or videos you share and gain potential customers by attracting more attention.


What advantages does Google my Business offer me?

Here are some of the benefits my business can give you:


  • It helps you create a business profile and branding.
  • It allows your customers to find you with the help of maps.
  • Again, you can make your products or services stand out in local searches with the free website you can create from my business page.
  • Id does not strain your budget with extra costs and its totally free.
  • Ensures that your customer base is constantly increasing.
  • It contributes to SEO studies.


I already have a website, Do I need to create a website?

Yes, definitely. Creating a business website is perceived as supportive and complementary to your existing website. This increases your SEO power.


Should I have a physical store to use Google my Business?

There is no Google My Business need for a physical store but you must have the relevant information.


Is business verification required?

Yes, definitely. Google implements some security verification measures to prevent people from being deceived with false information. If you are a real business you don’t have to worry, you will be verified!

How can I get the most out of Google my Business?

First, you must perform the verification process. If you have completed this step, you can imagine what people might want from you with a few simple empathy moves, so you can fill your business profile efficiently.


For example, let’s say you are a pastry shop. Users found and visited your business on maps. What do you think can be done to trigger visitors to order?


What would you care about if you were a visitor? For example, is not there a variety of products? It will be useful to keep your product range as wide as you can. And you mention your working hours clearly? r are the products you want to order displayed in the picture gallery?


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