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What is OptimizePress?

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If I tell you James Dyson, who are you thinking of? Without taking too many risks, I guess you have to visualize the creator of wireless vacuum cleaners of the same name. Alex also dedicated a video to him on his personal Youtube channel, if you want to know more about the king of vacuum cleaners.

Easy, at the same time. Do you know that there is a namesake (and it shouldn’t be the only one) that has a small reputation in the WordPress sphere? This James Dyson there founded OptimizePress in 2010.

As you saw in the introduction, OptimizePress qualifies primarily as a platform (only premium, for info). Several tools are offered for use (e.g. a theme, a sales funnel builder), but the most important, the one on which OptimizePress focuses all its communication, remains the home page builder. A page builder is a plugin or part of a theme that allows, through modules (image, text, button, video, etc.) and ready-to-use page templates, to design your site without coding.

Called OptimizeBuilder, it is mainly intended for”marketers, coaches and creators”, as its designers detail on the presentation page dedicated to the tool.

After winning over its audience in its early days, our British builder page has suffered a breathlessness in the face of the emergence of many competitors. In the marketing niche first (ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Thrive Architect), before having to face the onslaught of more generalist page builders (Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, etc.).

In order to renew itself, OptimizePress then undertook a major redesign of its builder page. After two years of development, a new version of the plugin, richer in functionality and more graphically accomplished, was launched: OptimizePress 3.0.

It is this version that you will discover in detail in this test.

Original Price 99$/yr


What does it do?

You just read it: the OptimizePress solution is first associated with its page builder, which technically comes in the form of an extension.

Overall, OptimizePress allows you to create:

  • landing pages, pages that promote an offer on a website. Their goal is to convert visitors by encouraging them to download content (ebook, white paper), sign up for a newsletter, or buy a product or service. Visually, it looks like this:
  • tunnels or sales funnels, refers to the journey undertaken by the visitor to a website, from the discovery of your product or service, to its purchase. In English, we also speak of “funnel”, “final sales” or “pipeline”.
  • Members’ sites, include a site that only authorized visitors (members) will be able to access to view the content you will make available to them.

In addition, OptimizePress also allows you to create sales pages, which are pages designed to encourage your visitors to buy your product or service. Not to mention what is called opt-in forms, forms that offer your visitors to enter their email so that they can be contacted again in the future. I hope you always follow and that things are clearer for you. In summary, remember that OptimizePress allows you to “create any type of page to increase your subscriber base, sell your products, and broadcast your content.”

For this, it offers you the classic options that you can expect from any good, self-respecting page builder. Namely:

  • front-end visual editing (what your visitors see) in real time, thanks to a WYSIWYG interface (What you see is what you get, what you see is what you get).
  • The manipulation of the content elements is done by drag and drop.
  • Presence of templates (page templates) and ready-to-use sections (page pieces).
  • No code knowledge (HTML, CSS etc.) is required to use OptimizePress.
  • The page manufacturer is natively optimized for navigation on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

Promises are enticing, but I bet you want something concrete, don’t you? So we move on to the technical part without hanging around, just to see what OptimizePress has in the belly, in use. OptimizePress, an easy-to-use tool?

Handling and dashboard overview

OptimizePress being a paid plugin only, you must first get one of the 3 offers offered (starting at $99/year, or about 88) on the official website, in order to be able to take it into hand.

All offers give access to the page builder and a home theme. Then, depending on the offer chosen, you will have access to additional options such as the sales tunnel builder, the opt-in manufacturer etc. For this test, note that we will test the Essential offer ($99/year).

To download the page builder, you need to connect to your member space:
In this space, you will find:

  • Nearly 150 videos to help you master OptimizePress. This ranges from the manufacturer’s grip and use tutorial, to much more advanced videos to teach you how to create a sales funnel, for example. The videos are practical and very well designed.
  • The sites you have installed OptimizePress(Licenses Sites)on.
  • The templates you’ve saved by building your pages (Your Templates).

News and the latest product updates (News and Updates).
In order to install OptimizePress on your WordPress site, you must first download it via the Downloads tab. This is where you find:

  • The OptimizePress Dashboard extension (figure 1 on the capture below). This is the “order center of your OptimizePress products.” Install this extension is necessary to be able to use the page builder.
  • The OptimizeBuilder extension (number 2), the page builder itself.
  • The home theme of OptimizePress (number 3), called Smart Theme v3.

Download the OptimizePress Dashboard plugin, then activate it on your WordPress dashboard via the Add Extensions menu. Once this action is done, OptimizePress will ask you to activate your license so you can link your account and use the extension. Click the Connect button to get there. You will then be automatically redirected to the OptimizePress settings page: We appreciate this sleek menu that has only 3 tabs, which avoids being overwhelmed with info:

  • Dashboard: This tab summarizes the validity of your License and allows you to install the OptimizeBuilder, Smart Theme plugin, but also, if your License allows, the OptimizeFunnels and Optimize Urgency plugins.
  • Integrations: This is where you can link OptimizePress to third-party marketing tools, especially services to create newsletters like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, etc.
  • Settings. This tab lists more advanced settings such as the ability to activate OptimizePress on your articles, to activate a Google ReCaptcha on your forms to protect you from spam.

Take stock of the grip: OptimizePress takes you by the hand to take your first steps with its page builder. We appreciate the clarity that emerges, the many video resources, and the checklist well felt to help us acquire the first bases (available on your member’s space).
All this is pretty well done, even if we regret the fact that everything is in English. Both texts, videos, and OptimizePress’s back-end interface on WordPress.

It’s a shame, but know that you can overcome this problem by activating the Loco Translate extension. After this rather successful introduction, I suggest you discover how the page manufacturer OptimizeBuilder works. Download it and turn it on on WordPress. Now you know how to do it;-). Then go just below to find out what’s next.

For the purposes of this test, I encountered a problem that you may face if you want to use OptimizeBuilder locally, among other things. When downloading the page builder, the following message appeared: “The follow-up link has expired.” Can’t use it locally, which is a shame. If this is happening on an online site, the easiest way is to ask your host to increase the limit size of the files to download. Also consider checking the system requirements indicated in the documentation, to avoid this type of problem.

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