What is Pi Node (PI Network)? Is it legit?

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Propelled in beta on Pi Day (3/14/2019), Pi has quickly developed to more than 500K introductions, with active members crossing 180 nations. Brought about by Stanford graduates, Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, Dr. Chengdiao Fan, Vincent McPhillips, and Aurelien Schiltz the very quick speed of Pi’s appropriation over an assorted, worldwide client base uncovers the growing enthusiasm for cryptographic money and open want to take an interest in a more comprehensive computerized economy.

PALO ALTOCalif., Sept. 20, 2019/PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – In a significant advance forward for the cryptocurrency industry, Pi, another social digital cryptocurrency made sure about and sponsored by regular individuals, declare incredible growth since dispatch.

In spite of bitcoin’s guarantee to democratize money, it remains to a great extent unavailable on the grounds that bitcoin mining⁠—the most immediate approach to earn⁠—is costly, requires broad specialized information, and expends so much vitality that mining activities are presently a significant supporter of worldwide CO2 outflows.

On the other hand, Pi’s breakthrough innovation tackles the intensity of individuals‘ informal organizations to permit regular individuals to add to the security of the currency. At the point when Pi individuals vouch for one another as reliable, together they structure a system of interlocking “security circles” that figures out who can approve exchanges on Pi’s record. This permits individuals to acquire Pi from their cell phones with low money related costs, constrained battery channels, and a light impression on the planet.


An excessive number of people are as a rule abandoned by the advanced economy,” said McPhillips, who is Head of Community at Pi Network. “By pooling their time and ability around a typical currency, Pi’s individuals are reclassifying the way ‘value’ is made and shared. Our emotional development demonstrates there is a powerful worldwide network of individuals looking for better approaches for building up and controlling their worth.” 


To join and begin earning Pi, clients need just download the free application, presently accessible on Apple or Android: https://minepi.com/ and utilize the greeting code “PiCoreTeam“. New individuals with questions can peruse the application’s FAQ or ask their inviter by means of the application’s recently propelled Earning Team visits. 

For media requests, if it’s not too much trouble contact Kili Wall at (310) 260-7901 or [email protected].


About Pi

Pi is another social digital currency made sure about and supported by regular individuals. Created by a group of Stanford PhDs and graduates, Pi can be effectively mined on cell phones with low money related costs, constrained battery channel, and a light impression on the planet. Pi’s social cryptographic money is establishing the framework for a comprehensive, online biological system where regular individuals can catch a lot of the advanced pie.


Pi(Pi Network) Scam or Legit

I began doing some foundation research on the Pi Network and found that not just it is a real and imaginative computerized money activity, however more significantly, it is still at the correct stage to bounce in with a magnificent hazard reward proportion.

Obviously, there is no assurance that it will be an effective venture, yet what you tend to lose is a couple of moments daily of hitting a button on your mobile and the preparation of your system of companion and family at no financial expense to you or them for a potential prize of storing up part of Pi advanced monetary forms that could be entirely significant later on if the undertaking is fruitful. The following is the outline of the discoveries of my examination on the PI Network and my suggestion.


  • It is a project.
  • The company offers services only, not products.
  • It is a free app to download
  • Members can join through an invitation from other registered members.
  • After three fruitful mining patterns of 24 hours every, you fit the bill to turn into a patron and you can frame a security hover of 3 to 5 confided in individuals. This will quicken your mining rate too.
  • The mining rate has divided for any number of 10 individuals that the system accomplished. The venture began in March 2019 at a pace of 3.1 Pi/hr and in November 2019 the system arrived at 1 million individuals and the current rate is 0.20 pi/hr.
  • The following achievement is at 10million individuals and it isn’t yet clear if the mining procedure ends at the stage or on the off chance that it will keep on lessening in speed. 
  • On Pi organize white paper, a rundown portrayal of the innovation they use is as per the following: For Pi, we presented the extra structure prerequisite of utilizing an agreement calculation (the procedure that records exchanges into an appropriated record) that would likewise be very easy to use and preferably empower mining on PCs and cell phones.
  • The accord calculation that they use is the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP) that was architected by David Mazieres a Professor of Computing Science at Stanford University as expressed in Pi Network white paper too.


My recommendation

Pi has no worth as of now, similarly as Bitcoin in 2008, yet could have an incentive later on. Pi Network is utilizing inventive computerized cash innovation to decentralizes the mining of advanced money to the common individuals and is easy to use through cell phones.

In my view, the hazard reward proportion legitimizes my suggestion of hopping in while it is as yet open. Be that as it may, as for everything throughout everyday life, don’t hesitate to do your own exploration. This is just my sincere belief and on the off chance that you choose to pass by it, I will welcome you utilizing my code to join. It will favor me consequently by quickening my mining rate.


Pi Networks Nodes & Functions

On the off chance that you don’t have a Pi account, you can download Pi Network App from this connection https://minepi.com/Phienvo#download then utilize the greeting code “Phienvo” and thoroughly begin to mine free Pi digital currency.

Earn freely new cryptocurrency Pi

First Download app for your Mobile through the above link. Create your account by tapping “Continue with your phone number” or “Continue with Facebook”. After selecting your country and entering your phone number click on the next option. Create your password and hit submit. First, Last name and username are important. After doing all the above steps put your invitation code “Phieno”

Note: Touching thunder light sign to start to mine Pi freely.

Participation Level of Pi Nodes

Pi Nodes

There are at present three degrees of support for Pioneers to utilize the Pi Node programming on their PCs. 



PC App alludes to just utilizing the work area Pi App interface of the hub programming. It empowers Pioneers who need to cooperate with the Pi application from their PCs. So, it has comparable functionalities with a portable application. For instance, numerous Pioneers have recently communicated. They need to have the option to visit Pi through their PCs instead of telephones.

Henceforth, we planned the work area Pi App interface on Pi Node programming. And joined this interface with the hub programming. Likewise, later on, as more functionalities added to the Pi App. For example, Applications Platform and the different applications on the stage. Some of them may be simpler to access than the portable application. 


Node (Node Interface) 

Hub implies, Pioneers get to the hub interface, done with introducing essential specialized arrangements dependent on directions. And switch on/off the hub interface to make their PC accessible. To pursue the blockchain part chosen to be a Node. 

Despite the fact that they don’t take an interest in the agreement. They confirm the legitimacy of the blockchain and, submit exchanges to record on the blockchain. Later on, when Pi’s blockchains grow to more than making sure about a record. Nodes will extend to incorporate PCs selecting in to add to aggregate equipment assets of the system. For example, calculation, stockpiling, and transfer speed. 


SUPER (Node Interface) 

SuperNodes are the foundation of Pi’s Blockchain. They are answerable for arriving at accord dependent on the calculation to compose the correct exchange on the Pi record. Notwithstanding all the duties that a hub performs. They’re likewise answerable for ensuring different SuperNodes and Nodes get the most recent condition of the blockchain. SuperNodes likewise use the hub interface and are at first chosen by the Core Team. They associated with the system day in and day out and have a solid web association. 

See the table beneath for an outline of the three degrees of interest in Pi Node programming. And the equipment and programming necessities for PCs at each degree of support.

Hardware Requirements

What is Pi Network?

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