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What is Shared Web Hosting?

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For a long time shared web hosting is very popular for WordPress hosting. But till now People do not understand what is shared hosting? Nobody tells the truth. What is cheap and what is good. Before starting anything I recommend you to must read this article to understand what is the benefit of this hosting and what are the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting? I hope this useful guide will help you to make the best decision.

What is mean by shared hosting?

Shared hosting means when many websites using s same server providing and storing its facilities from this one server called shared hosting. For example, 200 sites are online form one server and working. This (One Server) is common as “Shared Server” because it kept many sites. Many companies provide cheap rates for shared hosting. This is the most efficient option when it comes to web hosting.

The dedicated web server’s cost is very high and starts from $150/month and increases to a thousand dollars every month. But on the other side, you can find many shared web hosting services providers from $3 to #9 per month only. This is more reasonable as compared to dedicated server hosting.

Purpose of shared web hosting

The main purpose of shared web hosting companies is marketing efforts. They boast unlimited everything like disk space, bandwidth, unlimited domains etc.

If you live in this world, you will know that lies come out of everyone’s mouth unlimited. Shared web hosting is more useful for smaller firms, new blogger, or new businesses etc. Shared hosting will not able to work if every websites uses their quota. But it works nicely for everyone fine. and Shared hosting buyers got a good deal. And “Shared Hosting” is profitable for companies. In short, it is the best option for new buddies or new businessmen.

But if your websites become using more server resources then your site’s hosting provider will ask you to buy a upgraded plan. Some companies simply suspend your site or suspend your account without asking you, when your websites getting lot of resources of “Shared Hosting” server.

They won’t inform you, but some of them will mail you after suspending. But this is not fair for us. That’s what you need to choose a best “Shared Hosting” platform who does not do such a thing.

Many hosting providers listed their”Shared Hosting” feature by adding the most noticeable of things. By cause of most peoples do not understand the “jargon industry“.

If you want to choose the best “Shared Hosting” company for your site, then only one noticeable thing is “the reputation of that company in the industry”. Cause of this is only one factor which is proof of its separation. Because many shared hosting companies providing the same offers.

Profit of Shared hosting

  • You can save a lot of money cause of preservation fees are divide by many websites.
  • Competition makes technology better. Many hosting providers come with easy to use interface like “Cpanel”.
  • Most famous companies have a very skilled professional employees. They provide concrete protection to our websites against hackers or any other brute attacks. They also provide a user-friendly communication sources to hosting companies for different reasons. And you can contact easily for any type of information or help.
  • Many shared hosting companies provide a very useful feature, for example, if your site grows your hosting company will contact you for upgrades and provide easy ways to upgrade without any difficulty.

Defect of Shared Hosting

  • When you’ll compared you shared hosting server with dedicated server you’ll felt slower responses time of your site.
  • Your’s site downtimes chances increases and become lagging when your hosting company become greedy and overselling is a big issue.

Best Shared Hosting Service Providers

Namecheap — One of the best hosting provider ever. My site also hosted on the Namecheap server.

Namecheap Logo

SiteGround — It is one of the highest rate and popular hosting platform. Found in 2004.

Bluehost — Older web host started in 1996. It become more popular when it come in to WordPress hosting.

Blue Host

HostGator — One of the largest and popular web host in the industry and hosts over 8 million sites. founded in 2003


Each of the above information is accurate in every way and to aim solely and exclusively for you, You have to be aware that there are many scams on the internet which is a useful article to avoid and the schedule will play an important role for you while purchasing “Shared Hosting“. If your budget does not allow you to purchase these above hosting services then you may read this helpful article. Sites that Provide Free Hosting to Meet Your Needs

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