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Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo is a search engine promise to protect the privacy of its users everywhere else. Look at how browser protects your data and what to predict. In the list of the Largest companies, Google largely relied on how user data collected. In variation, it sells this information for marketing and other purposes.

This data collection hasn’t worked well over the years, accusing Google of being weak on privacy. For a call, there’s an alternative. DuckDuckGo is a search engine promise to protect the privacy of its users. Thusly, he turned into a commendable competitor to Google.


Now more than $1 billion per home DuckDuckGo founded in 2008, not silicon valley, but in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. Since its inception, the company’s privacy policy has been a simple policy: “We do not collect or share personal information.”

Other search engines, among them Google, save your search history. Besides this information, the date and time of the call, some information about your computer, such as the IP address, and your account information (including your name and email address) will keep.

As DuckDuckGo explains, with only one timestamp and computer information, your searches can usually track directly to you.

With additional account information, which directly associated with you. Also, note that your searches can connect with this information. This means that someone can see everything you’re looking for, not just a single search. You can usually learn a lot about a person from the search history.

DuckDuckGo is different. The Company does not store IP information, logs user information, and uses cookies only as needed. Your search history is secure and can not connect to you.


It’s worth answering two questions about DuckDuckGo before we move forward. First, is any information collected? Second, how does the company make money?

First, cookies not used by default. However, if you change the settings, cookies stored to remember these changes. DuckDuckGo, however, promises that they not kept “personally identifiable.”

For making money, DuckDuckGo is two-income streams: advertising and affiliate marketing. Sales partner revenue comes from Amazon and eBay affiliate programs while showing ads on the search results page. If end users shop from both sites, DuckDuckGo makes a commission.


DuckDuckGo, multiple platforms and devices that you usually make web searches for. There are DuckDuckGo websites or browser extension on Mac and PC. yes, even in the Google Chrome browser.

You can use a DuckDuckGo privacy browser on both iOS and Android on mobile devices. On both desktop and mobile devices, you can make DuckDuckGo your default search engine.


The DuckDuckGo website offers the easiest way to access the search service, regardless of your browser.

Make your call here and forget. The company relies on over 400 external resources to help generate search results, including Wolfram Alpha, Bing and Yahoo Search Boss. Crowd sourced sites such as Wikipedia also used.

As the following example shows, the search results between DuckDuckGo and Google are slightly similar, but the first one does not collect your personal search data.

Besides visiting the DuckDuckGo website, Google Chrome and Firefox users can also use the service using the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials extension to search directly.

The tool equipped with a monitor blocking, custom search, and smart encryption. Once installed, each site you visit through Google Chrome gets privacy. By default, Site Privacy Protection turned on. For whatever reason, you can turn it off even if it’s not recommended.

As you visit the difference sites, privacy has improved through DuckDuckGo Privacy Protection.

For example, pay attention to the privacy rating of B+ for the TVLine.com entertainment site. The site does not receive A because the monitor uses it. Without Privacy Protection turned on, the site gets a D. Site users 646 scouts!


If you tired of having to give personal information to services like Google Search, DuckDuckGo is probably for you. After comparing the two, I realized the results were very similar, strangely.

So I switched from Google to DuckDuckGo for a search to recover some of my privacy. Am I going to stop using Google products altogether? Probably not, but it’s still an important step in my mind.

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