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Yahoo is giving away a free website to businesses

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Website builder, domain name, and 1TB email storage – all for zilch. It is worth remembering that Yahoo, which is part of Verizon. The now sprawling group of companies offers web hosting services for small u.S.-based businesses.

The company currently offers a free website to help businesses navigate the pandemic. A free domain name and a bid that includes five business email accounts for a year (ending on December 31).

You can also access a website builder with more than 150 templates, email inboxes with a total capacity of 1TB. A custom field record, a business plan builder, and more.

You will need to create a Business Maker account and use the PAYITFORWARD code at the time of payment. After the first year, expect to pay just under $800, including a one-time legal package fee and additional government filing fee.

An interesting feature of Yahoo’s Business Maker package is that it includes hardware and software for personal customer payments; this may or may not be relevant to your business line.

Completing the package is a local business guide feature. That acts as a local SEO tool to help businesses raise their profiles within their communities. Alternatives are available at a much lower price, but with very few sets of features.

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